Richard Iannone

Software Engineer

RStudio, Inc.

I’m a software engineer at RStudio. Most of my work involves creating R packages that make it easier to work with and communicate data. I also enjoy opportunities to teach people how to be successful with R.

Recent Posts

pointblank v0.6

With v0.6 of pointblank we now have a workflow for describing our data tables, and, many other things have improved.

pointblank v0.4

The pointblank package at v0.4 has a whole lot more functions than ever before. And, the existing functions have been improved!

pointblank v0.3

There is a new release of the pointblank package. It tries to prove that assessing data quality does not have to be difficult.

blastula v0.3

The newest release of the blastula package lets you to do amazing things with HTML email in R and RStudio Connect.



[R package] gt

Easily generate information-rich, publication-quality tables from R

[R package] blastula

The blastula R package lets us send HTML email messages.

[R package] pointblank

The pointblank R package lets us validate data tables.

[R package] DiagrammeR

The DiagrammeR R package lets create, modify, and visualize network graphs.

[R package] stationaRy

The stationaRy R package gives us access to historical weather data.

[R package] splitr

The splitr R package helps model wind trajectories and particle dispersion.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Introducing the gt Package

A talk given at rstudio::conf 2019.


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