R Packages

pointblank v0.4

The **pointblank** package at v0.4 has a whole lot more functions than ever before. And, the existing functions have been *improved*!

pointblank v0.3

There is a new release of the **pointblank** package. It tries to prove that assessing data quality does *not* have to be difficult.

blastula v0.3

The newest release of the **blastula** package lets you to do amazing things with HTML email in **R** and **RStudio Connect**.

[R package] gt

Easily generate information-rich, publication-quality tables from R

[R package] blastula

The blastula R package lets us send HTML email messages.

[R package] pointblank

The pointblank R package lets us validate data tables.

[R package] DiagrammeR

The DiagrammeR R package lets create, modify, and visualize network graphs.

[R package] stationaRy

The stationaRy R package gives us access to historical weather data.

[R package] splitr

The splitr R package helps model wind trajectories and particle dispersion.